Monday, September 25, 2006


The Box O 'Truth has a new episode featuring stupidity for the exceptionally stupidious. This time, his errorness takes on Snake-Loads. while at the same time offering his rendition of Peter-Pan-Shoots-A-Revolver. (No, you cannot have a gayer shooting stance than this...)

"Some have suggested shooting a bad guy in the face with hopes of blinding him, but this is a bad idea.

You might not have a shot at his face, but even if you did, blinding a bad guy would only open you up to law suits.

If you have time to shoot, make it count. Use a modern, well-designed JHP and shoot for the center of his torso or head, if that is the only shot available.

If you or your family members lives are at stake, this is no time to be playing around with weak and ineffective snake loads.

Use the best available loads. Your life depends on it.

Lessons learned:
1. Snake loads are great for their designed purpose... Shooting snakes at close range.

2. They are poor "Stoppers" against bad guys, due to insufficient penetration.

3. Use modern, well-designed JHP rounds for personal defense.

4. It's fun to shoot snakes. smilie"

Ah, but where to begin?

The above coming from a dolt that NEVER uses modern munitions or powerful modern platforms?

What precisely IS a modern well-designed ammunition? Who decides if it's well designed, oh Mr. Obese Old Dude?

The gall of this idiot to tell people living in free states that bad guys can sue you?

The constant reference to penetration as if this were the 13th Century and Knights in Shiny Armor needed stopping?

The failure to recommend precisely WHICH brands of ammunition are the best?

As usual, all of the above and more. Of course you should NOT use Snake Loads for self-defense. No one does use Snake Loads for self defense against two-legged predators. You should also not use spitballs flung from a straw for self-defense.

And no, I will no longer provide a link with any "Box" stories. I know, this moron's site is included in my blogroll, but that's for me to access such nonsense then report back on what NOT to do.

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