Saturday, September 23, 2006


Years ago I ran into old acquaintance. I was visiting friends in Maryland and he had been summoned to testify before Congress. There was this Senator named Gore who was really pissed that my old acquaintance had spent government monies to beef up security in and around his house.

Senator Gore: (smirking, gesticulating, condescending) So you'd have us believe that there is some super bad guy who is out to kill you?

Old Acquaintance: Yes, Senator.

Senator Gore: Here, in the United States of America? You want me to believe that here, in the US, you are afraid that some foreign assassin is going to fly on over and kill you? Here?

Old Acquaintance: Yes, Senator.

Senator Gore: (sighing) Well, Major, I don't know about the rest of my colleagues but I happen to find this to be preposterous. Could you tell me, tell all of us the name of this super-spy out to kill you?

Old Acquaintance: Yes, Senator. His name is Osama bin Laden...

There's more but you get the drift. For many, many years, Democratic politicians laughed at the idea that any harm could come to us from abroad, and took this belief with them to whatever public office they were elected to.

For William Jefferson Clinton to say that he was not aware of the importance of capturing or killing, and sending every available resource at Osama bin Laden is par for the course. He is the worst sort of liar. A lawyer, a politician, an unfaithful husband all rolled into one sleazy package.

He knew. I know he knew. We had bin Laden and let him go. More than once.

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