Saturday, September 30, 2006

We Get Letters

"Aren't criminals really bad shots, and don't the police forces have an overwhelming advantage..."

No. The one-on-one average police officer versus bad guy gun battle results in a draw. 50% of the time the cop wins, and 50% of the time more cops must arrive to avenge the dead or wounded cop that was taken out. 10% of all police deaths are from their own guns taken from them then used to kill them. You can't put in what nature left out. Some people are better than others when it comes to ALL of lifes endeavors, and pistolplay is no different. Even with the advantage of training and being armed with far superior firepower (usually), the police officer is after all facing one of the universe's ultimate predators in the dedicated criminal who isn't going down without one helluva fuss. And the police have rules of engagement. The bad guy does not.


The latest cop-killing here in Florida illustrates the above. One cop dead, one in the hospital, one police dog dead, and after reinforcements arrive, one bad guy 3D (definitely done dancing).

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