Friday, September 29, 2006

Someone To Keep An Eye On...

Because Old Dogs CAN'T learn new tricks, and Danny Boy will be up to HIS old ones soon enough. I mean, what OTHER reason to hire a washed-up forger?

Dan Rather

Tan and rested? Not Dan Rather.

He's ruddy and revved up.

"We're going full throttle," the ex-CBS News anchor told me yesterday about "Dan Rather Reports," his upcoming weekly show on Texas zillionaire Mark Cuban's HDNet cable network, which reaches just 4 million households. Rather's shooting for a late October or early November debut.

"Cuban has given me absolute and complete editorial control," Rather said over lunch at Table XII. "Cuban told me, 'I want you to have whatever you need for a quality program,' and he's been as good as his word, and in many instances better than his word. Budgeting is one of the things I'm learning. I'm taking a crash course in the MBA school of hard knocks."

The 74-year-old Rather just flew back from Fort Stewart, Ga., where he was interviewing soldiers just returned from and headed for Iraq. "We don't hear enough from what Ernie Pyle called the dogfaces," Rather said, adding that he and his staff of 16, who yesterday settled into spacious new midtown offices, also have a couple investigative pieces in the works."

The only people tuning in will be the ones itching to out-him as the braindead liar who failed in his attempt to destroy a Presidency. I won't be one of them. Hell, that's what Charles at LGF is for.

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