Tuesday, October 23, 2007

And Now For Something Really Important

Miss England Told to 'Fatten Up' to Win Miss World Title

Twenty-year-old Miss England, Georgia Horsley, has a figure many women envy.

But the size-eight model, originally from North Yorks, England, has been told to “fatten up” if she wants a shot at winning the Miss World pageant, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

The organizers of the pageant, to be held Dec. 1 in Sanya, China, reportedly are looking for contestants with more voluptuous body types — ones representative of the average woman.

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"Miss World judges like naturally curvy girls and don't like the stick-thin women you see on the catwalks,” Horsley told the Daily Mail.

"They promote healthy eating and I want to help them get that message across, so I'm giving it my all."

Thats the Brits for ya. Too fat, too skinny, no one can just be what they want to be, for the nanniest state of them all simply has to intervene. Just because. How else will alla them dumbass peasants find their place.

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