Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Criminals stealing guns from police in Palm Beach County

"Criminals are going after cops — for their guns.

In the past year, gang members, thieves and drug dealers in Palm Beach County have broken into at least six police cars and stolen handguns and shotguns, officials say.

'This shows how brazen they are,' Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said."

Whats that? Come again? They can steal from the boss...meaning us...but DARE not steal from YOU? Why you puffed up, overpaid, incompetent night watchman. We give you the tools with which to do a job, you allow common thugs to steal our money, and after the fact all you can do is give a gosh-golly shrug that you'd a never thunk they'd rob YOUR ass blind.

Now I'm going to have to be even more alert than ever because the hired help can't protect their firearms the way I do, and have allowed criminals access to lethal weapons.

"Despite the risk, criminals are hitting police cruisers in South Florida and across the country for a reason: Most police cars are mini-armories on wheels. Cars store not only high-powered guns but also bullet-resistant jackets, "stop sticks" to pierce tires of fleeing cars and other devices to combat the firepower of dangerous career criminals."

What risk? You want risk? Try coming here and taking what belongs to me. You think you've seen "high-powered"? You inefficient, poorly trained, unqualified, inept bunglers, truly take the cake. Tack on all of the super-dee-duper locks you case you've not been paying much attention and it seems you haven't...criminals steal from institutions that have GOOD security, and you know what happens then?

Such businesses usually fire the dolt who set up a come and get our free stuff garage sale for crooks, but sorry to say we can't fire YOU.

STOP leaving the guns and ammo in squad cars overnight. I know its a supreme hassle to actually ask the boys to lock things up after they are done playing, but we'd really appreciate the effort.

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