Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fired University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill Keeps Teaching on Campus

"Former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill no longer is a member of the faculty but he is holding classes on campus after his dismissal following a controversial Sept. 11 essay comparing victims to a Nazi leader.

The classes, covering topics including colonialism, genocide and racism, are organized by the students who then invite Churchill to speak.

"We feel Ward has a right to say what he wants to say," Aaron Smith, a political science and ethnic studies senior, told

Smith, one of the discussions' organizers, said about 75 students usually show up but it is hard to get them to commit to assignments since they can't receive grades for them.

The discussions on campus aim to make a statement about academic freedom and free speech, Smith said.

David Lane, Churchill’s attorney, said he doesn’t know if Churchill views the discussions as a return to campus, he just enjoys teaching.

"I’m sure they are going very well; he’s an excellent professor," Lane said.

Smith, who took a class with Churchill amid the debate over his research and writings, agreed.

"He pushes us to think critically about issues that are left outside of the main chronicles of history," Smith said. "He tries to have us not only look from the perspective of the dominant, but from the perspective of the oppressed."

Yeah, sure. Were Big Chief Who Hate America to be focusing upon minorities instead of Jews and America, he'd have been jailed a long time ago for fostering HATE SPEECH. Buggerers such as he find it all but impossible to NOT have a captive audience of young minds around worshiping his every passing of gas, and just how often does one have to be discredited as a liar and a bigot before liberals understand that it isn't promoting FREE SPEECH to allow this idiot a soap box, but the precise opposite. You either agree with his views or hit the road. The man needs the adoration of closed minded children as a real man needs air, and to put it bluntly he's simply one sick son of a bitch.

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