Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sanctuary City Doesn't Want SCORES Helping Out

Scores strippers uninvited to school Halloween party

"Sorry kids, there will be no strippers at the Halloween party.

Puppetry Art Theatre's Timothy Young Tuesday uninvited dancers from Scores who had signed on as volunteers for Saturday's second annual Haunted Halloween Carnival Benefit at Middle School 51 in Brooklyn.

Young said he asked the strippers to stay away because he was afraid the Park Slope school would cancel on him or sponsors would back out.

"It was a small, insignificant part of the event," Young said. "I uninvited them because I don't want to compromise the event, the organization or the school."

Young's group is raising money for its work in shelters, and volunteers were to help with a special pizza party and costume giveaway for 300 homeless and hospitalized children the group works with.

MS51 Principal Lenore Berner asked that the strippers be excluded from the festivities, said Department of Education spokesman David Cantor.

"It is not a school event," he said. "Because many children will attend, however, the benefit is not an appropriate venue for volunteers identified as adult dancers."

In addition to dancers, Scores bartenders and office workers had planned to attend, said Elda Auerbach, who does promotions for the club. Now no one is going.

"I don't want the charity to get hurt," she said yesterday.

The revoked invitations came after yesterday's Daily News reported that the strippers had been invited. They were not planning to wear inappropriate outfits - instead coming as fully dressed witches or sorcerers.

So lemme get this straight...

They are gainfully employed and breaking no laws.

But because their profession does not meet with the uber-liberal school board approval, they cannot participate in a worthwhile charitable event.

I see.

What if they were illegal alien strippers and office workers?

Think the school would be kicking THEM out?

Hell no, they wouldn't. NYC is, after all, a SANCTUARY CITY.

Unless you happen to do a job thats icky.

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