Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Then There's The NY Take On "Self-Defense"

Police: Putnam, NY homeowner killed man he thought was intruder

PUTNAM LAKE, N.Y. - "Police say a Putnam County homeowner shot and killed a man who he thought was trying to break into his home while his family slept.

State police charged Peter Guerriero, of Putnam Lake, with manslaughter Monday in the death of 32-year-old David Schachnow, of Southeast.

They say the 42-year-old Guerriero shot Schachnow in front of his house early that morning on a walkway that leads up to the front door and a deck. Schachnow was pronounced dead at 3:58 a.m. at a local hospital.

State Police Capt. Keith Corlett says that it does not appear that Guerriero intentionally caused Schachnow's death, "but recklessly did it."


It wasn't intentional, yet reckless?

How does one commit unintentional recklessness?

Is that like "Accidental Discharge"?

And each and every time a Putnam Lake cop shoots someone, does he or she get charged the same way?

Should State Police Capt. Keith Corlett be summarily dismissed with extreme prejudice and charged with at least half a dozen nuisance misdemeanors for such abject nonsense?

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