Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mrs. Bill Clinton Continues To Redefine The Meaning Of Chinese Take Out...

by Michelle Malkin

October 24, 2007 -- "ASIAN-American groups don't like the increased scrutiny that Hillary Clin ton's mysterious Chinese dishwasher donors are getting.

To which I say, in words that should be universally understood: Boo-freaking-hoo.

In the wake of eye-opening investigations by The Post and the Los Angeles Times of more dubious foreign funny money flowing into Hill's coffers, ethnic-grievance groups are stepping forward to condemn these stories as examples of "negligent journalism." Yep: The newspapers are guilty of "negligence" because they actually broke news instead of covering it up.

Both papers uncovered dishwashers, cooks and other suspect Hillary campaign contributors in Chinatown, Flushing, The Bronx and Brooklyn who were limited-income, limited-English-proficient and smellier than stinky tofu. One Asian donor admitted to the Times "to lacking the legal-resident status required for giving campaign money." Another, Hsiao Wen Yang, told The Post she was reimbursed for her $1,000 donation - setting off clear alarm bells over yet another possible straw donor scheme on the heels of Norman Hsu-gate.

The reports prompted Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote (a "national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that encourages and promotes civic participation of Asian Pacific Islander Americans") to issue a press release this week carping about the media's "undue scrutiny on a specific ethnic subgroup." Lisa Hasegawa, APIAVote board member, expressed her dismay over the campaign-finance probes zeroing in on Chinatown:

"We are alarmed by the potential negative impact of irresponsible reporting and the harm it may have on legitimate political participation by members of the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community. It is imperative that the media approach these serious allegations with . . . the highest levels of journalistic integrity. As the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community embraces their right to participate in the civic process, it is important that the greater balance and responsibility be taken when addressing this important issue."

Translation: Lay off the Chinese Dishwashers for Hillary, you racist, xenophobic, ethnic smear-mongers!

The only ones guilty of irresponsible behavior here are the political apologists for Hillary and the media organizations that would rather kowtow to political correctness than follow in the journalistic footsteps of The Post and the Times. The Clinton campaign is counting on left-wing editors to capitulate under heat from Asian-American groups who want to deflect attention away from suspicious foreign donations."

Yes. Poor workers are being given money to donate to the Clinton campaign, and revealing such illegal activity labels one a racist.

Instead of sending Hillary to prison for such malfeasance, an "ethnic" (it isn't ethnic at all, as being asian makes one a member of a race, not an ethnic group) organization wants those who dare speak of such things made to feel the infamous WHITE-GUILT for even bringing it up.

Think Fred Thompson's campaign could weather storm after continuing storm like Hillary's does?

Strange, isn't it...

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