Monday, October 22, 2007

When The Airfare Is Simply Too Good To Pass Up...

DUNEDIN. FL. - "Saturday saw intrigue in the skies above Tampa Bay when a Pinellas County man flew out of Tampa International Airport despite bleeding from gunshot wounds.

The story began early Saturday morning at the Windemere Apartments in Dunedin, when a 37-year-old man named William Notaro sat playing cards with his friends waiting to get on a flight later that morning.

But an argument started with a lady card-shark at that party, prompting her to pull out a small handgun and shoot Notaro three times.

The bullets hit his torso and arm. Another friend dressed the wounds so Notaro could take off for the airport -- at least, that's the story Notaro told detectives Saturday after he was caught.

Tampa International Airport did confirm Notaro, apparently wounded by a few bullets, passed through security and boarded a commercial flight and left TIA for Albany, New York.

It was on the layover in North Carolina where Notaro ran into trouble. He got caught because other passengers noticed the blood leaking from his gunshot wounds. Airport police in Charlotte forced him to go to the hospital."

FORCED him? Its illegal to bleed? Illegal to fly while bleeding? Vice versa? Some new homeland security law that slipped past us?

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