Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We Get Ones We're Glad We Didn't Toss

"America has lost its will to fight. It has lost its will to defend what is
right and just in the world. The crazy thing of it all is that the American
people have not even been asked to sacrifice a single thing. It's not like
World War Two, where people rationed food, and turned in cars to be made
into metal for tanks. The American people have not been asked to sacrifice
anything. Unless you are in the military or the family member of a service
member, its life as usual...the war doesn't affect you. But it affects us.
And when it is over, and the troops come home, and they try to piece
together what's left of them after their service...where will the detractors
be then? Where will the Cindy Sheehans be to comfort and talk to soldiers
and help them sort out the last couple years of their lives, most of which
have been spent dodging death and wading through the deaths of their
friends? They will be where they always are, somewhere far away, where the
horrors of the world can't touch them. Somewhere where they can complain
about things they will never experience in their lifetime; things that the
young men and women of America have willingly taken upon their shoulders."

Excerpt from Army SGT Eddie Jeffers. KIA Iraq, September 7, 2007.

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