Tuesday, October 30, 2007


by Rich Lowry

"WHEN it comes to self- reflection, Barack Obama is an overachiever. At 46, he's already written two memoirs when most people in public life (sometime at the end of their career) will be lucky to write one.

So far, what Obama seems set to get out of his presidential campaign is yet another memoir - this one an agonized, personal account of how his campaign went nowhere despite all the media hoopla, crowds and fund-raising. It turns out that voters aren't as interested in Barack Obama as Barack Obama is.

Like Jacob grappling with the archangel Gabriel, Obama has been wrestling with his own conscience the entire campaign and has come up lame. He has engaged in a running commentary on whether the tactics of his own campaign - down to specific press releases - live up to his standard of audacious hopefulness. Left unclear is why anyone else besides Obama should care.

The insular, self-obsessed campaign of her chief rival is one of the reasons Hillary Clinton has had as good a 90-day run as anyone in presidential politics in recent memory. She still has a race on her hands in Iowa, but she leads there after trailing most of the year, and more than doubles Obama's support in national polls, where he's slipped as low as 17 percent.

All year, Obama has offered voters airy clich├ęs about hope, change and bipartisanship, and assurances that he personally embodies all of the above. He ended a typically precious ad in Iowa: "I approved this message to ask you to believe, not just in my ability to bring real change in Washington. I'm asking you to believe in yours." OK, but what sort of change exactly?"

Silly Richy. Barack (what's with every last pundit calling the man by his last name yet referring to Hillary as...Hillary?) proved beyond a shadow of a shadow that he does blackface betterer than Mrs. Bill Clinton can, and if a black man out-blacking a weird white woman isn't worthy of kudos than nothing is.

Moonbats galore flocked to Senator Obama in order to prove that well, yeah, we ruined the black community but we still love 'em like all get out. However, spending money is FAR different than casting a vote for someone. I mean come on now, he's cute but not THAT cute. The Yellowstream Media created the monster lock, stock, and barrel, just to have someone for Mrs. Bill to run against because sweet mother of pearl even THEY cannot stand John Edwards.

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