Saturday, October 27, 2007

Barack Vows To Go DOWN...


Obama Promises a Forceful Stand Against Clinton

"In a 53-minute interview over a breakfast of boiled eggs (he ate only the egg whites), aboard a chartered jet that brought him here from Chicago, Mr. Obama said Mrs. Clinton had been untruthful or misleading in describing her positions on problems facing the nation. He accused her of “straddling between the Giuliani, Romney side of the foreign policy equation and the Barack Obama side of the equation.” He said that she was trying to “sound or vote” like a Republican on national security issues and that her approach was “bad for the country and ultimately bad for Democrats.”

Mr. Obama suggested that she was too divisive to win a general election and that if she won, she would be unable to bring together competing factions in Washington to accomplish anything.

“There is a legacy that is both an enormous advantage to her in a Democratic primary, but also a disadvantage to her in a general election,” he said. “I don’t think anybody would claim that Senator Clinton is going to inspire a horde of new voters. I don’t think it’s realistic that she is going to get a whole bunch of Republicans to think differently about her.”

Asked about Mr. Obama’s remarks, Mrs. Clinton’s spokesman, Howard Wolfson, said, “Senator Obama once promised Americans a politics of hope. But now that his campaign has stalled he is abandoning that strategy and is engaging in the same old-style personal attacks that he once rejected.”

Therein lies the sum of ALL replies from the Clinton campaign concerning policy issues. Disagree with the woman's punctuation, and she declares it a personal attack.

Which begs the question of however is she going to engage in a dialectic with anyone on anything, once the Dem-Love-Fest disguised as DEBATES have ended and its time to face people believing her to be the second coming of Josef Stalin and asking for answers to her harebrained socialist schemes.

Julie Annie pins her to the wall with some fastballs and a tsk-tsk punctuated with a hearty CACKLE just ain't gonna cut it as a learned retort.

Hillary Rodham is the quintessential poster child for the wealthy politician who loves to spend everyone else's money like it came from a Monopoly box. The only people who would vote for her with full awareness of this are those she has managed to con, swindle, beg, and cajole into doing so, and it can NEVER happen should a true give and take debate be forthcoming.

Senator Obama? Please now. He was merely the Great Black Dope, a conscience-easing minority member that the Holly Go Lolly's flocked to in order to flat out prove that just because they appear to despise blacks it isn't really so, not all the time.

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