Sunday, October 28, 2007

McCain Marks 40th Anniversary of Crash

SIOUX CITY, Iowa -- Republican John McCain reminisced with war buddies on Friday, 40 years after he was shot down over Vietnam, and made the anniversary part of his presidential campaign.

McCain appeared with Col. Bud Day, a fellow Vietnam prisoner of war, and told reporters he was highlighting his military experience because of his pride in his service.

"Senator Bob Dole _ who ran for president and I was part of his campaign _ he was very proud of his service to the country. Jack Kennedy was very proud of his service," McCain said. "Those of us who served in uniform, in the military, are usually very proud of our service."

McCain was a 31-year-old Navy pilot when his plane was hit by a missile, and he ejected. He broke both arms and severely injured his right knee, and the wounds were exacerbated by torture during more than five years in prison.

In other news, reporters continue to query Clinton campaign headquarters without any luck to determine if Hillary Rodham Clinton would continue to push for a multi-million dollar Woodstock museum proposal that has been soundly criticized by Senator McClain.

An anonymous Rodham spokesperson did however offer that rumors of a: WOODSTOCK - Hillary Pulls The Train Room at the proposed museum were in fact not true.

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