Thursday, October 25, 2007

We Get Letters

"Got a bet riding on this one...Aren't you breaking the law if you try and get in a WalMart if the stores managers say no guns are allowed, even if the state says it is okay. Doesn't a store have the right to keep you off the property?

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Private property with PUBLIC ACCESS means there are a passel fulla laws that must be adhered to.

Oh, you're a black guy? Sorry, can't come in.

Hey lady, women aren't allowed on the second Thursday of the month.

You, yeah you will all that hair...out.

Father? Sorry pally but today is moslem Wednesday so no Christians allowed, mkay?

A Wal-Mart, or Target, or K-Mart, or whatever, is NOT the same as a persons domicile. The "rules" for entry cannot violate the law of the land. But...there's ALWAYS a butt... and in this case it is law enforcement, an arriving LEO will demand that a black, or a female, or a Christian, or a hippie be granted entrance, but rarely stick up for a fellow gunny.

Polite way to handle a pain in the ass minimum wage Nazi is to leave quietly. Because, you, after all, are a GENTLEMAN. Take the case up with corporate headquarters or get a lawyer but don't think you'll get much help from the police.

NO business has the RIGHT to prohibit access to an otherwise law abiding individual. America doesn't work that way. We have laws against discrimination and depriving individuals of their civil rights.

But they do it anyway. And they get away with it. We live with it because we don't stand together and demand a change. Or we live in Texas or some other place that lets businesses override the Constitution at will.

ALL law abiding citizens are either EQUAL or NOT. There's simply no middle ground in this. Once you begin selectively banning people you open the door to prohibiting access to all but the special few, and don't we have enough ONLY ONES and SPECIAL ONES, and PRIVILEGED ONES already?

The responding officer does NOT have MORE rights than you do.

There are a plethora of names to call country's that abide by such rules. AMERICA is not one of them.

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