Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sevigny And The GLOCK 21 SF

"Dave Sevigny of the Team GLOCK Shooting Squad completed a string of victories using GLOCK's newest model, the G21 SF in .45 ACP. After winning the High Industry title at the IDPA Nationals last September, the Team GLOCK captain won the IDPA Georgia State championship, USPSA Area 3 championship and the Inaugural TSA "Street Gun" Nationals in October.

The Tactical Shooting Association (TSA) Street Gun Nationals took place at the Tactical Shooting Academy home range in Surry, Virginia on October 19-21, 2007. The Association is a new practical shooting sport which promotes the use of guns designed for concealed carry. It was determined by the TSA match officials that 63% of the competitors in the match used a GLOCK pistol.

The national championship stages featured shooting challenges one might encounter in the real world along with other standard shooting tests such as plate rack drills. TSA targets, knock down steel and shot timers were used to score competitors. Realistic props such as motor vehicles, household appliances, street signs, cash registers and common items found in a store were all part of the national championship stages. "The details in some of the stages were nice to see. It gave the competitors a sense of being outside of a controlled shooting range," said Dave Sevigny.

When asked about the G21 SF Sevigny added, "I've enjoyed firing the new pistol in our recent tournaments. It was easy to deliver fast and accurate hits just the same as other GLOCK models we've run in the past. For those who prefer a .45 ACP, you'll love the 21 SF. The pistol ran 100% through each competition and practice session."

Sevigny is spooky good. A zillion years ago (ok I forget when) I asked him who would win if he and Rob Leatham swapped pistols, and he said all things being equal Leatham would because he'd then have the better gun. Spoken like a true, well, spokesman, but what he can do with a $700 gun is amazing.

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