Thursday, November 22, 2007

.357 SIG

I don't own a chronograph. That would lead to loading my own ammunition which would lead to hardly ever seeing my wife and long recuperating and recovery times after blowing up gun after gun.

This is why I miss Crazy Jay. The worst shot alive, but a halefellow well met without peer, Jay likes nothing better than testing handloads and shooting his chronographs to pieces, but since he lives 1400 miles away we can't exchange data on a daily basis and this tasks me.

His latest email reports that Double-Tap's .357 SIG 125 grain Gold Dot cartridge returns 1517 fps from a four and a half inch barrel, and that is darned close to a mid-to-upper range nuke loading for the .357 magnum so I am pleased. First chance I get I'll be swamping out the ammo under real world conditions, as I do believe there ARE times when light and fast are preferable to heavy and slow. And having 15 such rounds available per magazine is packing serious firepower, all things being equal and for a handgun but of course.

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