Monday, November 26, 2007

All Hands...

WASHINGTON (November 2007) — "A forthcoming analysis of new Census Bureau data will show that the nation’s legal and immigrant populations have hit new records.

The new report by the Center for Immigration Studies examines the size and growth of the nation's immigrant, or foreign-born, population as of March 2007, the most recent detailed data available. The report also examines income, poverty, health insurance coverage, welfare use, entrepreneurship, and school enrollment. Separate estimates are provided for the illegal immigrant population. Detailed information is also included for the following states: Arizona, California, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts.

The report is embargoed until midnight Wednesday, November 28, for publication on Thursday, November 29. Advance copies are available to the media on an embargoed basis. The report will be posted the Center's site -- -- on Thursday, November 29."

This is gonna be a doozy, betcha.

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