Saturday, November 24, 2007

Students Suspended For Saying The Word "Noose"

"Travis Grigsby loves playing drums, but he and his friend Alex Coday weren't able to play for two weeks after they were suspended. It started after the band's performance at a football game. Some kids on the drum line said they were talking about the best knots to use to tie up the drum equipment.

"Someone asked if anybody knew how to tie a noose and Travis did admit he knew how to tie a noose," Kim Grigsby said.

Travis' mom said her son is almost an Eagle Scout, he knew how to tie it, but told his friends he wouldn't because you could get in trouble for that. Later, a black student on the drum line told the teacher he was offended.

"Travis was accused of using a racial slur for saying the word 'noose.' Then he was suspended for 10 days," Kim said."

Listen to me but this is going to be harsh so if it offends you then go where all they talk about is apple pie in the sky stuff.

Still here? Okay. Now, if the kid said something along the lines of "All niggers should see the world through a noose-eye-view", then he needs some serious education in the area of manners. He can think it all he wants, but saying it aloud is rude and should not be tolerated. But even if he did say something like that it doesn't warrant a 10 day suspension. Sorry. Ask him to stay after school with a councilor or two, request that his parents teach him what dealing with people is all about, but no way 10 days is justified. All we have is his word that the conversation was all about knots and little else, against the word of a black student who felt...what? What did he feel...threatened, sad, intimidated? Ah yes, offended.

Offended just from hearing the word "noose". Something that HE needs to be held over for a lecture or two as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that word, in fact it's a damned fine word that can suggest many things and not all of them are bad.

Now watch...

Noose noose noose noose noose noose noose noose noose noose noose noose noose noose noose.


The world didn't end. My monitor didn't implode. And I bet yours didn't either.

Thanks to Free Constitution

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