Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Jersey Lawmaker Calls for Crackdown on Rowdy Jets Fans

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — "A top New Jersey lawmaker has demanded a crackdown on rowdy football fans, after The New York Times reported that Jets fans gather on a pedestrian ramp in Giants Stadium during halftime urging women to expose their breasts.

When a woman obliges — as one did at Gate D on Sunday during the game against Pittsburgh — the crowd roars in approval.

New Jersey Senate President Dick Codey called for an investigation by the heads of the state police and the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.

Codey said in a statement that Gate D apparently stands for "drunk and disgusting." He added that intimidation and obscenities have no place at sports events, and violators should have their tickets taken away and be removed from the stadium.

George Zoffinger, president of the agency that runs the stadium, said Tuesday he would increase the 370-member stadium security force for all remaining Jets and Giants home games.

"This boorish behavior should not be tolerated," Zoffinger told The Associated Press on Tuesday night."

Thats right, launch a fullscale investigation using all of the available resources the state police have to offer, and then some. Better yet, ask the federal government for a grant to establish a no-tits-zone at all sporting events, carnivals, and gatherings of crowds larger than 3 people or 1 man and a donkey. Heaven forbid you simply communicate your dismay to the OWNERS of the venue and refuse to avail yourself of their services if they don't comply.

Why, that'd be positively Republican now wouldn't it.

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