Friday, November 30, 2007

Reporters Frustrated By Lack Of Access To Hillary*

CONCORD, N.H. -- "ABC correspondent Kate Snow was ready to push through the crowd and ask Hillary Clinton a question until an aide blocked the path of Snow's sound man as he aimed his boom mike in the senator's direction.

"Sorry, we've gotta go," the woman said, though it was clear that Clinton would be shaking hands for some time.

Moments later, as the Democratic presidential candidate was mobbed by well-wishers, Boston television reporter Joe Battenfeld managed to shout a question -- a meaningless question, truth be told -- about whether she needed to win both Iowa and New Hampshire. Clinton was defiantly bland in response, as if determined that her comments not be used.

"Oh, I don't think about it like that. I'm just thrilled to be competing in Iowa and New Hampshire. . . . There's something very special about the New Hampshire primary. . . . I take nothing for granted. . . . We have wonderful candidates running."

Such is life spent trailing the Clinton juggernaut, where reporters can generally get close enough to watch but no further, as if separated from the candidate by an invisible sheet of glass."

Deja vu all over again. This was precisely the way she ran for office when campaigning for her Senate seat. Sheltered. No touchie no feelie no talkie. The ONLY people allowed close to her were democrat partisan hacks who didn't dare ask any tough questions...EVER.

Remember; this is one dumbass individual who has a difficult time thinking on her feet and will not grant access to an unfettered press.

Just like the royalty we tossed out some 230 odd years back.

*Referring to Mrs. Clinton as Hillary pisses off the local Sheriff here. Sadie Darnell thinks it is disrespectful to call Hillary, Hillary, and when I brought it to her attention that most of the times its simply to distinguish her from that other Clinton named Bill, she stared into space while thinking about, nodded, then walked away mumbling to herself.

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