Saturday, November 24, 2007

NY Council Speaker Says No To HIV-Freebies

November 24, 2007 -- City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's showed genuine responsibility in standing up to the tidal wave of entitlement demands that continues to assault the city treasury - and left-wing AIDS activists are up in arms about it.

At issue is a bill called "HASA For All" (HASA being the HIV/AIDS Services Administration), which would expand city rental assistance to HIV-positive homeless persons. Such aid is now available only to those with full-blown AIDS.

Quinn opposes the bill and has used her power as speaker to block it, saying it would "drain city resources and raise issues about supporting the poor with other illnesses."

That, in turn, "would require additional costly benefits, diverting limited resources to an unnecessary mandate instead of allowing us to target funds where they are most needed."

She's right, of course.

Taxpayers are asked to foot the bill for health and other subsidies for a wide and ever-increasing range of illnesses and conditions. Everyone, it seems, is a victim - and victims, the expectation is, should be entitled to free lifetime care on the public dime.

Yet, as Quinn rightly notes, the city's resources are limited - and need to be targeted where they are most needed.

If the HIV-positive are entitled to have their rent and other services paid for, why not people with any one of a hundred other diseases - or those at risk for developing such illnesses?

It's one thing to demand unlimited government services - it's quite another to find the money to pay for it all.

The "advocates" complain that Quinn, eyeing a likely mayoral run in 2009, has betrayed her roots as an activist on homelessness and related issues in a bid to attract wider popular support.

A better way to describe Quinn's position is "fiscally responsible." Which is precisely what a potential mayor should be.

And precisely what most of Quinn's council colleagues - and their activist allies - rarely are."

Yes you read it correctly. Those afflicted with AIDS live essentially rent-free, pay little or no utility bills...this includes cable...and but of course do not pay a single dime for medical care. Adding those with HIV, and forget this "homeless" nonsense, for anyone not offering an address will be taken on his or her word...could swell the rolls by as many as 200,000 additional freeloaders. Each costing the city upwards of 100K A YEAR.

This liberal madness has got to stop somewhere, sometime, and it is heartwarming to see a politician brave enough to call a halt to the distribution of our monies to anyone with signs of incipient-sniffles.

If you'd wish to imagine the presidency of Hillary, or Barack, or Johnny-Boy-Breck, backed by a congressional majority, simply look to NYC or Los Angeles, or Frisco for a primer on how the socialists have ruined one community after another, then multiply those ill-effects to include the entire nation.

It won't be pretty. Might be a good time to pre-select your victim status now so as to hop aboard the gravy train before the rush. Once they start handing out free money the lines will stretch from coast to coast so don't say you weren't warned.

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