Friday, November 23, 2007

4 Stars

If you remember, a while back I told you what General Pace did at the end of his last day as Head of the Joints Chiefs of Staff.

He went to the Vietnam Memorial, and left his stars, attached to a 3X5 card, upon the name of one of his young men that was killed in SE Asia.

The stars are missing. They remained for a few days but when one of the caretakers decided it might be appropriate to move them to another location, they were gone.

Rumor has it that inquiries have been made to park rangers concerning the authenticity of the stars, and their approximate value, leading me to believe that they soon might very well show up on eBay or some other such site.

If anyone out there is an eBay fan, please do me a favor and drop a line if you see something of that nature.


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