Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Des Moines To Become Sanctuary City...

A proposal to prohibit local law enforcement officials from conducting raids on illegal immigrants in Des Moines was presented to at least one City Council member recently.

Councilwoman Christine Hensley said Sunday that she spoke about six weeks ago with representatives of two immigration-rights groups that presented a plan that would block local city departments - including the police - from conducting raids on immigrants or inquiring about a person's immigration status.

Aspects of the proposal, brought up Sunday at an immigration forum, are similar to a national trend of "sanctuary cities."

"They're looking at ordinances that have been passed in other parts of the country that would address that ," Hensley said. "It's really important to emphasize it's in the very, very beginning stages of discussion."

Iowa has always been a queer duck of a state. Believing that there's a right to grow corn and a privilege to bear arms. More Fudds that can be stick-shaken, blackpowder devotees who'd can't understand why any lawful minded person would ever want to possess an evil assault rifle like them M-16's. Lived there for a few years while trying to shake the taste of 9/11, also figuring that it'd be a welcome respite from being surrounded by stark raving loons.

I was wrong. If there's anything worse than an elite minded big city liberal its a backwoods one who you can't believe doesn't know better. They feel safe with a shotgun in every room of the house and figure that anyone wanting to carry a handgun around is just looking for trouble. The ones who look to the Constitution as GRANTING the right of every man to hunt to his hearts content. Sheriffs that eye you up as you enter their offices to apply for a carry permit and have made up their minds before you take a seat.

It isn't difficult to identify the potential sanctuaries for illegal aliens. Just check the local gun laws, because anti-gun and anti-American goes hand in hand and always will.

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