Thursday, November 29, 2007

Texas And Florida Lead The Way With Highest Percentage Of Illegals

Half of immigrants in Texas are there illegally, study says

State has one of the fastest-growing immigrant populations.

Mexicans, si.

30% of Florida's immigrants are illegal, report finds

So tell us something we DIDN'T know.

Florida is one happy family reunion for Cubans, and Miami in particular was voted the city with the worst road rage and it isn't because of the retirees. But one of the many reasons these illegals are a royal pain in the ass. I cannot speak firsthand about Texas, but having been to southern Florida quite often I can say without hesitation that these people are animals plain and simple. The illegals, I mean. I'm never in the mood to go all politically correct but this isn't a case of disliking a group of people just-because. There DO happen to be folk I cannot stand being around, and smelly, dirty, slovenly, ignorant, rude, obnoxious, foreigners who can't speak a lick of English are prime examples. No, I'm not talking about your average NY'er, but the spanish-speakers of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. The construction trades WOULD take one helluva big hit were these beasts to be deported, and you all know about the whingy, whiny, fruit picker organizations that weep for ever-more wetbacks to keep them living high on the hog.

Tough shit. Grow some stones, learn to walk upright, and start doing the right thing. The liberals aren't going to be able to shelter you and your odious illegal workers forever, you know. Sooner or later a Conservative Congress is going to be on the same page as a Conservative President, and Operation Wetback will begin anew. Right now there are enough liberals running things and we all know how much they adore their pets but the American people are tuning in like never before and the new media (that's us) isn't going to let this go.

I give it 10, 15 years tops before the Japanese come out with an illegal immigrant robot to do the work other machines won't do, but begin weeding the beaners out now, advertise how swell you are for not hiring criminals, and watch the business take off as people begin using your products/services in droves.

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