Thursday, November 29, 2007

Huge Dinosaur Graveyard Found in Spain

"Spanish scientists have unearthed what could be Europe's largest dinosaur boneyard, finding the remains of 65-foot plant-eaters never before discovered on the continent.

The paleontologists believe they have found eight different species amid the 8,000 fossils discovered so far.

The range of species they are finding at the 80-million-year-old site and their state of conservation is virtually unparalleled in Europe and challenges long-held beliefs about the way in which dinosaurs became extinct.

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"This is completely beyond what we expected to find," Francisco Ortega, co-director of the excavation, told The Times. "This represents a huge leap in our understanding of the Upper Cretaceous [period]."

Dozens of experts are working around the clock to excavate the site. It was discovered in June during construction work for a new high-speed rail link between Madrid and Valencia.

Paleontologists, who kept the discovery under wraps, have until the end of November to remove the skeletons of several hundred dinosaurs before the diggers move back in.

"Everything indicates that the dinosaurs were enjoying great evolutionary vigor when they suddenly disappeared," said José Luis Sanz, the co-director of the dig.

Ortega said the find should help shed light on the extinction of the dinosaurs in Europe and whether they also died out as a result of the huge meteorite that struck modern-day Mexico."

Okay, to figure this all out first off you've got to stop paying attention to the giant meteor theory. Way too many species of animals survived and there are way too many holes in the big rock from space scenario.

In your gut you know damned well that all of the large dinosaurs were killed off by alien hunting party's and once the bigger predators were gone mammals finished off the easier prey.

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