Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Golly But Didn't Lots Of Police Deparments Have Themselves A Ball During Katrina...

Hoboken unit disbanded over Hooters hijinx

HOBOKEN - "The first order the city's new Public Safety director issued after being sworn in yesterday was to disband the Police Department's SWAT team, after photos surfaced of some of its members cavorting with Hooters waitresses and allowing them to hold their weapons during a Hurricane Katrina relief mission in 2006.

"The unit itself has been disbanded permanently," said Public Safety Director Bill Bergin.

He added that while the SWAT team is dissolved, its members will continue their normal duties."

So that means they can still cavort about like commandos in a bad B-movie but won't be allowed to wear those coolass SWAT logos?

What precisely does disband but go about your business mean, anyway...

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