Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mix Thoroughly Then Add A Dash Of Pepper

An Orlando officer apparently caught on video spraying a can of mace "like it was an air freshener" over a seemingly peaceful downtown crowd -- sickening several people -- has prompted a police investigation.

Orlando officers were trying to disperse crowds that had gathered to take part in several Florida Classic celebrations on Church Street late Saturday when the incident happened.

Home video shot by the Jump Ministries showed an officer in the background releasing a cloud of mace that sickened people in the crowd.

"(The officer) sprayed the mace low and then he sprayed it high so it could go through the people," church member Lamond Plummer said.

"It went down my nose, into my throat and into my chest," church member Takayah Norris said. "It was such a strong smell that I started to gag."

While pepper spray is used to break up unruly crowds, the church video shows a peaceful crowd behind the church members, Sanchez reported.

"That is not the time to pepper spray us," Jump Ministries Church Bishop Durone Hepburn said. "That is not the time to treat blacks like they are herds. And that is how we felt. I felt like we were treated like complete animals."

This then is another tactic used by crowds that refuse to disperse when called upon by law enforcement to do so. The old Gandhi ruse. Stay polite, but stay still.

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