Thursday, November 22, 2007

Congressman Danny Davis Accuses 2 Chicago Cops of Racial Profiling for Traffic Stop

CHICAGO — "Illinois Congressman Danny Davis is accusing two Chicago police officers of racial profiling after they pulled him over and gave him a traffic ticket earlier this week.

The Chicago Democrat, who is black, said he was pulled over early Monday by two white officers who claimed he had driven over the center line. Davis insists he did nothing to deserve the ticket.

Police spokeswoman Monique Bond says Davis was stopped and ticketed for driving left of the center line. His license was later returned, but Davis was still issued the $75 ticket.

Davis says when he was stopped, he asked one of the officers why . The officer accused him of swerving, which Davis says he denied.

Davis says the officer then told him he was driving left of the center line.

The congressman says he will challenge the ticket."

Perhaps the word got out that old Danny boy consorts with terrorist organizations, but most likely its a case of one or the other.

One being the fact that he WAS swerving. The other, he caught some cops having a bad day. Professional victims do like to play the race card at every opportunity and that does nothing but severely dilute the real thing. He has no proof, and unless he can pull some strings is going to pay the ticket. Then again, special people like Danny boy rarely pay their way, but how refreshing would it be for someone like him to simply admit he was in the wrong and be done with it.

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