Monday, November 26, 2007

THIS JUST IN: Yahoos Win Again...

Gun cultures clash

PHILADELPHIA -- "Pennsylvania's diversity showed itself again Tuesday in votes against gun-control bills in a state of hunters, sportsmen and the National Rifle Association. Despite a reasoned, impassioned, at times accusatory 40-minute appeal by Gov. Ed Rendell in a rare appearance before a legislative committee, efforts to limit handgun sales, to give Philadelphia its own gun laws and to require owners to report lost or stolen handguns all failed.

The third measure was withdrawn after the first two were voted down. Its chief sponsor, Rep. Jewell Williams, D-Philly, said, "The yahoos win again."

The yahoos? "Yeah," he says, "the old boys with the boots and the guns."


Ah, they mean the ratio of racist idiots to men of good will. Gotcha. The old boys with them boots and guns, in other words WHITE folk, being maligned for well, being WHITE. And not having a damned thing to do with the crime and the killings in Philadelphia.

Unless I'm reading this wrong. Representative Williams wouldn't go blaming people for things they didn't do, now would he?

In other words, all that crime in his inner city, is being committed by white folk, right? Why else would he be mad at white folk if they weren't the ones doing all the killing? So all of those statistics we've been reading are 100% wrong. Blacks aren't committing the crimes and killing at a record pace. No sirree. Its the old boys with boots and guns who are out of control. Not a mention of black folk. After all, they are just the ones dying. At the hands of the good old boys.


Representative Williams is a bigoted racist who cannot under any circumstances address the real issues. That blacks are killing blacks. Because there isn't a damned thing he can do about blacks killing blacks, but get enough politicians on your side and you CAN punish the innocent and the liberal media will stand by you long enough to fool at least some of the people some of the time.

What a horrible person.

Thanks to The War on Guns.

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