Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Spelling Police Never Need A Warrant


For the absolute last time I will not respond to any email that refers to Federals 180 grain, .40 caliber ammunition, P40HS1G, if it is misspelled as HYDRO-SHOK. It evokes bad memories of reading anything over at The Box O' Truth, and while I do make my share of mistakes, attention to detail remains paramount.


It happens to be old technology that doesn't work as well as the newer rounds that Federal would love to once and for all replace it with if only customers would stop begging for the stuff because they just love that name.

The one they cannot even spell.

The center post was put in as a gimmick that backfired. The round clogs, refuses to expand, and there is not a police department on planet earth* still using them.

*I know, I know, who cares what cops use but the fact remains that virtually ALL of the new tech is geared towards them because thats how the major manufacturer's advertise their goods. Street-cred is gained from the results of scientifically conducted autopsies, but anyone can crank a round through denim and into a waterjug if they want to see how the sad old stuff works.

And for those who cling to the belief that ammo makers all but give away their cartridges to LE, the real scoop is that the larger departments oft times pay more. This comes from demanding that every round be hand inspected, or so the fella's at Federal, Remington, and Winchester tell me. Even that aside, you or I can do as good if not better just by looking around before making a purchase, so stop believing that a particular brand gets in just because it happens to be the least expensive. Sure there's politics, some departments STILL cannot use hollow points, others must stick with old tech such as the Gold Dot simply because the name doesn't stir the politicians into a frenzy like BLACK TALON, or for that matter even GOLDEN SABER does.

I won't even go into how some pistol and revolver ammunition is more effective than what spurts from one poodle shooter or another mostly because every regular reader has had his fill of stories wherein a member of our armed forces cranked half a mag of 5.56 into a goblins gut without generating much more than an ouch. Far more attention is paid to the killing-capability of a handgun round because they do not generate the velocity of a rifle bullet. Plus, outside of the military there are far fewer "rules" to abide by regarding nasty-ass ammunition.

Buy and shoot whatever you want. But when my opinion is asked I'd never recommend HYDRA-SHOK for anything other than plinking. Hey, its your life. Pick the one with the prettiest box for all I care.

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