Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Man Shot Dead Following Home Break-In

"Police believe a man trying to break into an Indio home was shot dead after a struggle for a gun with the home's owner.

Authorities said the break-in happened just after 1:30 Monday morning at a home in the Indian Palms Country Club on Hamilton Court.

Officers believe 31-year-old Genaro Munoz broke into the home. That was when the homeowner inside was awakened by the intruder.

He confronted Munoz but was shot in the foot.

After a struggle, the homeowner got control of the gun and shot Munoz several times killing him.

Police believe other suspects may have been involved and fled the scene.

The homeowner was treated at JFK Hospital. No charges have been filed against him for the shooting death."

Kudos to the homeowner for having the guts to jump a man with a gun. Evocative in some ways of that instance a few months back when a physicians house was taken over by gunmen. But with a far heroic and happy ending. He watched as they raped and murdered his wife and daughter.

This MAN took the beaners gun away from him then killed him with it.

Good job.

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