Monday, November 26, 2007

Non-Lethal Self Defense

How I hate non-lethal. Anyway, The Gun Source is offering a decent enough deal for an 18 gram Triple-Action container that features OC along with tear gas and UV marking dye. At $11.57 it beats most everyone else's price but is of course confusing as the "personal" model they have pictured is a 17 gram Mace product, not 18 grams, but they do warn that sometimes they screw the pooch as far as providing pics of products.

Anyway, here's a better picture than the one they have, but nowhere do they list the Scoville Heat Unit and thats usually a bother.

I think what needs be done is to establish a Hogtown Irregular Pain unit based upon the response of almost human beings to various products like this. Lisa says that spraying any of the Hogtown Irregulars wouldn't be a nice thing to do so I may very well have to use myself as the guinea pig.

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