Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Its That Time Again For: The Many Lies About Thanksgiving

The fact of the matter is the Indians living during the arrival of the Pilgrims had of course wrested the land from the Indians who were there before them, ad infinitum. By then the original Asians who had first crossed the Bering land bridge were not even a memory. Asians had a shot at the new world, and pretty much turned into nomads who followed buffalo herds or stayed long enough in one spot simply to fight one never ending war with other Asians. In the 15,000 PLUS years they had the land to themselves, no Chaucer or Shakespeare or Caesar or Homer or Galileo or Leonardo, well you get the picture...not even a Tolstoy showed up to take matters into his own hands and enlighten the populace.

Asia had its shot but the Europeans were the ones who made the far better go of it. And instead of being proud of our forebears for being so downright brilliant and plucky the leftwing loons would have us weep over such obvious superiority because thats what professional victims do. They wail and moan and give good full frontal bitch every chance they get because bitching and wailing and moaning calls attention to oneself, and lets face it; the sort of person who'd complain about descending from such good stock only does so because he or she wants MORE kudos, not less.

Why, we were SO superior that its downright embarrassing.

And that is somewhat true. Eventually superior technology defeated the cave people, and last I checked the modern Amerind has a potential lifespan TWICE that of the ones that met the Pilgrims, so the teary loons can bitch all they want but things are somewhat better nowadays. Funny thing about us. The descendants of the ones we defeat on the battlefield always go on to lead far better lives than their forefathers. Yes, Indians did at one time "own" land they acquired after killing other Indians and after we came along it sure wasn't pretty for THEM at first. But it might be considered a good idea to stop dwelling in the past and take all that the present has to offer.

As for me, I'm damned PROUD to be of the bloodline that not only built the Sistine Chapel, but landed men on the Moon. Not that we weren't defeated and made slaves at one time or another too; hell, go back far enough and who wasn't?

Just saying that some folks get over it and are stronger for the experience.

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