Friday, November 23, 2007

PA gun law push fails

"We’re unaware of anyone who has purchased 11 handguns since January for self-defense or target shooting, but we think that’s a more than sufficient number for either purpose."

Oh really now?

So the 2nd Amendment has a limit, then. This I did not know.

Here I've been thinking that anyone with the resources should be able to legally purchase just about any damned thing he or he pleases. Cars, boats, widescreen TV's, dozens of new fangled MP3 players if they so desire.

Who in all hells has the bronze balls to tell a fellow American what is ENOUGH?

And don't you just love the "we think".

The "We" who believe that they can dictate what we do, which Rights to dismiss, which products to buy, and how many of them.

To The Sentinel's royal "WE", I've but this to offer.

I'll buy as many guns as I want to buy. Whenever I want to buy them. And if you, meaning you personally Mr. Editor, if you don't like it then here's what you can do...

Molon labe.

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