Friday, November 23, 2007

Something About Hillary...

"The biggest obstacle to Mrs. Clinton's election is her unpopularity among the voters at large. There is something about her that they do not like. Gallup found just as many voters disapprove of her as like her. Quinnipiac said her favorability/unfavorability score fell from 48 percent/43 percent in August to 46 percent/46 percent today."

Something they don't like? How's about a great many somethings.

The woman is flat out irritating, what with that screechy, mother-in-law, wicked witch laugh that makes a rusty nail 'cross a blackboard sound like Mendel's Messiah. She hems, haws, stutters, changes course in mid-sentence, is bereft of any personal value system AT ALL, has aided and abetted her sick spouse's rape and degradation of women, knows virtually nothing about her "home" district in NY, and has vowed to beg, borrow and steal our very rights away from us. The ONLY way she can win is if the Republican party nominates someone that is even LESS trustworthy, and that is nigh on to an impossibility.

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