Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brady Campaign Uses Death Of Sean Taylor To Promote Yet Another Anti-Gun Agenda

“On the football field, Washington Redskins’ standout Sean Taylor was an extraordinary talent, a force that 300 pound linemen could not contain and that the greatest receivers feared. Yet it took one bullet to end his promising life at the age of twenty-four. He left behind a one and a half year old daughter who will grow up fatherless, parents who will never see their son reach his vast potential, and a grieving community of fans and friends.

“While there are still many unanswered questions about the circumstances, one fact is undeniable: Sean Taylor’s tragic, untimely shooting death is the latest example that in America no one is safe from the scourge of gun violence."


How's about " America no one is safe from the scourge of criminals."?

Or..."No one in America is safe from the scourge of criminals, so all men should be armed and ready to protect their property and loved ones."?

The TRUE fact of the matter is, Sean Taylor is dead because a home invader had a weapon far superior to his. Thats it. End of story. Bad guys will always have deadly weapons. The Brady Bunchers know this, of course they do. Fanatic nanny's yes but no one is THAT dumb. Blaming the criminal is politically incorrect, and as long as liberal politicians have the police in their hip pocket all of us are forced to live under draconian laws that hinder our ability to protect ourselves and our families. And thats precisely where they want us. Fearful and beholding to them for our very existence.
And they don't care how many dead body's must be climbed upon to preach their messages.

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