Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor in Critical Condition After Being Shot in Leg

"Washington Redskins star safety Sean Taylor was in critical condition Monday after he was shot during what police are investigating as a possible armed robbery at his home.

Taylor lost a "significant" amount of blood because the bullet damaged his femoral artery, and doctors were worried about blood flow to the brain, according to family friend Richard Sharpstein, his former lawyer.

Taylor has had problems on and off the field, and two years ago was accused of brandishing a gun. The shooting came eight days after another invasion was reported at his home. According to police records, someone pried open a front window, rifled through drawers and left a kitchen knife on a bed.

Sharpstein said Taylor's girlfriend told him the couple was awakened by loud noises, and Taylor grabbed a machete he keeps in the bedroom for protection. Someone then broke through the bedroom door and fired two shots, one missing and one hitting Taylor, the lawyer said."

Okay then; Taylor wasn't prohibited from owning a firearm because the only offenses he'd committed were misdemeanors, so how does a man get in trouble for brandishing a gun when it wasn't necessary, then have but a machete to do battle when it was?

Chances are the team or the league told him no more guns, or maybe the terms of his probation prohibited him from owning one and if so that means he had a terrible attorney who let the police deprive him of a right, but how does a man making as much money as he does ($1.3 million/year) have virtually no home security system? After already being burglarized?

A lot of somethings aren't making much sense.

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