Thursday, June 22, 2006

Woody Shares His Outrage

"Two US Soldiers were captured in Iraq. They were tortured and killed in the most inhumane abuse of human beings that I can recall in recent history. According to reports these men were beaten, their arms contorted, their testicles cut off, their penises cut off and stuffed in their mouths, their eyes gouged out, their hearts cut out and were beheaded. If reading that shocks or disgusts you let me take this opportunity to say that I'm glad to offend."

Woody is outraged, and for a good reason. Liberals only seem to feel the same level of outrage when some ignorant inbred prison guard slides her panties over a prisoners head, and that's because liberals love the enemies of America, and could give a shit less about those sworn to protect America.

Hence the dearth of outrage. Me, I'm trying to sort through all of the bullshit and assemble enough facts to make a cogent response because I've received several emails suggesting that the injuries sustained by our fighting men were postmortem, and if that' the case then it requires a different type of reply. I've seen that and more done to men I knew were alive during such ministrations, and this kindled an anger that made the payback that was soon to follow all the more thorough. Or current enemy #1 uses terror to accomplish what force of arms cannot, because despite what George Will and other clueseeking conservatives believe is wrong. Totalitarian and/or religious fanatic-led countries do not get the best minds in the world willing to work for them and are always a step to the rear of what we, or even the French could do if need be.

And despite what the apologists have to say on the matter, terrorists DO have targets of opportunity and governments and brick and mortar facilities to engage and destroy because someone is paying the terrorists to terrorize, but I digress.

They use whatever is available to try to win. Zarqawi's wife and daughter didn't deserve to die like they did, and neither did our two young servicemen. There is of course a world of difference with regards to the humanity of it all, but even that is tempered by which side is judging what is and is not human. Knowing your enemy is of utmost importance, and if this knowledge outrages people then that is a good thing for it has opened the door to understanding what barbarians are capable of.

I find it outrageous that the media isn't condemning this atrocity with anywhere near the same vigor it went after the panty-raiders, but nothing my enemy does is outrageous.

They are animals. It is to be expected, and swift judgement brought down upon them.

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