Saturday, June 24, 2006

This Just In From Week-Kneed Apologists For Islam...

A Euro moonbats take on why "moderate" (there IS no such thing) moslems aren't condemning terrorism:

"If they protest as a group of Muslims against these terrorist attacks, they take on an extra responsibility which is not theirs. So I can fully understand their reasons,” said Ruud Peters, professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Amsterdam." (AP)

So let's get this straight now, for posterity as it were. The responsibility for protesting, much less condeming radical islam isn't islam's problem? Or duty? Then who? The Scotch/Irish? Haitians? West Virginians?

If Christians were running amok...macho leg-pressers get a pass due to advanced dementia...then Christianity as a whole would not have some responsibility for controlling freaks who were butchering innocents in the name of Jesus?

Would the godless liberals stand idly by and not criticize Christians the world over?

Of course they would not. Christians can't even set up a Nativity scene anywhere near government property without one loon-atic group or another bitching, so can you imagine militant Catholics littering the landscape with severed heads?

But it's fine when moslems do it and other moslems don't attempt to rein them in. Because it's not their responsibility.

Retarded Euro's love to kowtow to these killers.


To stand by and witness innocent men, women, and children being slaughtered and do nothing means you're at the very least an enabler. Providing them the logistics for such dastardly deeds means you're just as guilty.

Nuke Mecca.

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