Thursday, June 29, 2006

CAIR Threatens Hadji-Girl Marine

This in from Misha:

"As you may know, CPL Belile of “Hadji Girl” fame wasn’t disciplined in any shape, form or fashion. The Marine Corps concluded, correctly, that the 1st Amendment takes precedence over a bunch of girly-apes wetting their panties at CAIR.

As a result, CPL Belile decided that he’d make a recording of the by now wildly famous song and make it available to interested parties.

Sure enough, Ibrahim Hooper of the terrorist front organization CAIR immediately decided to issue this statement:"

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which brought Belile’s video to the attention of the Pentagon, cautioned against a release, spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said Wednesday.

“It’s a free country, but I don’t know that it’s the wisest choice. I would hope he would seek the advice of levelheaded friends and family and just put this sordid episode to a rest,” Hooper said.

If that's a threat, and to my mind it certainly sounds like one, then bring it on motherfucker. Maybe this shit works in the land of sandfleas galore, but touch that man and I swear to all that's holy I'll saddle back up and find your ass. Trust me, scumdog, this is not something you wish to have happen.

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