Tuesday, June 20, 2006

As The Troops Arrive...

Give a moment of thought to such goings on. Governor Blankbrain must be terribly aggrieved with Nagin', king of the chocolate factory, for presiding over a city where the cops themselves looted or fled, and HAD to have asked him what his plans where to restore law and order some 9 months after the levees opened.

9 months and they STILL weren't ready for the animals' return. On the plus side, since Nagin' and Blanky are both Loons of the first order, we don't have to witness an hysterical media caterwauling about TROOPS IN THE CITY! And why shouldn't the criminal element (namely the citizens themselves) be having a field day? Nagin's band of merry men illegally disarmed the law-abiding populace, and NO police presence has EVER been able to handle crime anywhere near as good as an armed citizenry. Police are avengers, the ones who cart off the guilty to places of incarceration. They've never been able to do it all on their own and shouldn't be asked to do so.

"The National Guard presence will largely patrol the unpopulated neighborhoods that were the most heavily damaged. The state police will help manage the French Quarter where large crowds still gather on the weekends."

So the Guard gets to protect the empty shells that have long since been stripped of anything valuable, leaving the State Police to assist NOPD in taming the French Quarter.

The biggest problem about the levees breaking like that?

They didn't open up anyway NEAR wide enough to flush the flotsam away for good.

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