Friday, June 30, 2006

Acidman Has Passed On

Always thought that had I been born a cracker, this is what I'd sound like.

tomfoolery of our time

* I shop for groceries at a local Kroger's store. They have an ENTIRE AISLE dedicated to "organic food," and that doesn't count the shit in the produce department veggie bins labeled "organic," which look like crap but cost twice what regular food does. I don't buy much "organic" food, except for the blue corn tortilla chips. I LIKE those, but I don't purchase organic salsa to eat with them. Organic, my ass.

* "Tolerance" is supposed to be a high virtue today. I don't get the idea, I don't buy it and I damn sure ain't gonna change my ways to be politicallly correct. Some things are INTOLERABLE and if you're arfaid to call 'em that, you need to be dragged off and shot.

* "The Poor." Bejus! Don't even get me started. When some overweight, big-titted woman with six illegitimate children, all living in a house with cable TV and air conditioning, prance around in designer tennis shoes and start whining about being "poor," I ain't listening to that crap. I've stood behind those people in a line at a Kroger's checkout counter and watched them buy ground chuck to feed a DOG because food stamps can't be used to buy Purina chow, and I've seen them be very careful when pulling out their Welfare Insta-banker cards, to keep from breaking the expensive French-look, manicured fingernails they sported.

But I trust every one of those sumbitches predicting that WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! from global warming. Predicting climate is oh so much easier than predicting weather.

And his last posting:

people with good ideas
Did you ever the movie, "Bullets Over Broadway?" I thought it had a lot of really dumb crap in it, just what you get a lot of when "actors" feed a script. Just listen to those morons.
"To be.. or not to be...??? I'm sorry, but I can't undertand this character. What does he MEAN??? What is his MOTIVE??? NOBODY says that kind of stuff.. and besides... I want that skull scene removed from this play. Who is "Yorik," and how did I ever come to know him so well? Were we homosexual lovers? If so, shouldn't I make it obvious who was the pitcher and who was the catcher between we two?"

Nope! I cannot do THIS silly play!!! Get me a GOOD writer... one of those people who publish in the New York Times frequenty. That Maroon Down person would be nice, or maybe that Jetson McVeigh guy they fired for being black. Let THEM write my dialogue and I am convinced that it would be perfect!

By the way, get anybody named Shakespere off of this set and bring me some TRUE writers in here.

Shot the shit with him a time or two and he was a solid citizen. Coming from me that's high-praise shit.

Safe journey Rob, and save us a seat.

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