Sunday, June 25, 2006

Then Again, Perhaps It's ONLY The Texas WOMEN With 'Em...

Dallas: Law would forbid sale of highly realistic fake weapons

"Soon, it may be illegal to sell or play with some toy guns in Dallas.

A proposed ordinance considered by the Dallas City Council on Wednesday would ban businesses from hawking highly realistic fake weapons and kids from playing with them in public.

The proposal is being refined in the city's Public Safety Committee and is expected to be adopted later this month.

The Rev. David L. Ferrell, pastor of Trinity Valley Missionary Baptist Church in West Dallas, said that toy guns being sold in the city, and in some cases off the back of ice cream trucks and could easily be confused with real guns. He spoke Wednesday before the City Council."

Ah Texas, where for art thou, Texas. Carry a concealed weapon, and permit or not, if a whingy citizen tells a cop that something is under that man's shirt!! then it's a high misdemeanor and possible loss of gun- carrying privileges for "disturbing the peace by printing". Now they want to ban anything resembling a gun because the sight of a Super-Soaker might cause the sheeple to run for the hills.

Modern Texans would build a backdoor to the Alamo.

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