Friday, June 23, 2006

I've stumbled upon a leftwing fantasy and am looking for sources, etc, but you're gonna love this. Certain folks have reported sighting UN Crematory vans in the southwest and the moonbats are sure that we've taken to gathering illegals and frying them on the spot.

More when I find it.

UPDATE: Okay...see if you can make some sense of the following:

Subject: UN [black ops] cremation trucks/platoons now operating in Western US
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 15:54:24 -0400

Al Cuppett

US Army & Action Officer, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Retired)
366 Graves Mill Rd
Madison, VA 22727

20 June 2006

Subject: Intel report - (All Sources) UN black operations cremation trucks/platoons now operating in Western US.

Source Reliability: Very High (report forwarded via Q-Files)
This report has been promulgated from all sources; however, the main source is a high ranking US military officer.

Within the last three days a US Special Operations Unit, possibly
operating **autonomously from J-3, the Joint Staff, and obviously
separate from the Dept of Defense, Homeland Security, the nSC, and the White House, were reported trying to interdict two separate convoys of UN Smokey semi-trailers (18 wheelers); as they are now called.

Professional deduction, and intelligence indicators over the past few months, in the absence of full particulars, reveals that the Special Ops unit became involved when it was learned that two convoys of UN trucks were proceeding from AO-Echo (Area of Operations Echo) in New Mexico, and another from AO-D which is Montana. The trucks were hauling detained personnel, and due to being discovered, were rapidly proceeding to Canada. The original mission was to stop the Smokeys,
not letting them reach the border, thus rescuing and then debriefing the detainees, who were known to be alive. Source further states this indicates that Red List pickups have begun prior to actual martial law declaration.

The convoy from AO-E contained 18 trucks, whereas the convoy in AO-D had four trucks. One of the trucks was interdicted by US forces; with the crew being neutralized. However, the detainees were all found dead. However, apparently the support column for that Smokey arrived and US forces withdrew due to superior UN forces; which projected, in Pentagonese an unacceptable attrition rate of US personnel.

Be advised, the UN support units include about 5 or 6 white vans or SUVs, with approximately 30 fully armed personnel aboard. One van can be assumed to be a Special Weapons Squad. The Smokeys will have at least 3 people in the front seat, and the support vehicles will be loaded with black uniformed, armed personnel.

Source advised that all precautions must be taken if Smokey trucks are engaged, as support vans, if not present, will follow very shortly. Furthermore, the Smokeys can cremate their human cargo in record time. This report confirms the report last week of cremation trailers within the CONUS.

The first engagement revealed there were armed French troops, along with armed German and Chinese Intelligence agents. Source reported that the foreign personnel were equipped with thermal imaging, Infra-red, and night vision equipment. This means the Red List pickups are being done at night; presumably on targets that are known to be passive.

Source states that Red Lists (for immediate extermination) are being revised, that is, more names are being added to the useless eater category, since it is felt that many who were considered to be re-educatable must now be added to the Red or Blue Lists.

The location of the shootout was not specified, but had to have been on a line from NM to the Canadian Border.

Be advised the recent shooting in a Capitol parking garage was
apparently a clash of various agents vying for preeminence. Capitol police were pulled from the scene. We have arrived folks! Youll recall an earlier report stated that foreign forces were staging in the DC area, with operations being planned before the end of August.

346 hrs (1:46 PM)
20 June 2006

Subject: Preliminary Intel Report UN CREMATION TRUCKS/PLATOONS

To: Bill

Info to selected Believers/Observants. This is a preliminary report.
Source reliability: HIGHEST

Drafting final follow-up within the hour.
UN Cremation trucks operating in NM and MT. Hit teams in platoon size, with vans and SUVs supporting 18 wheelers called Smokeys, Guess why.? Human smoke is black!!! I watched the funeral home down the road. Auschwitz also had charcoal black smoke billowing out of its chimneys almost 24 hours a day. The 4th Reich is now here..

Long story. be alert. They have foreign troops and night ops
equipment. Deduction: Red List pickup operations are NOW being run ---- at night. This and much more from high ranking active duty Flag
Officer to follow.

a reference on US concentration camps.
The artice is "Halliburton Will Profit Handsomely On Domestic
Concentation Camps," which appeared on page 4 of the June 12
& 19, 2006, edition (Volume VI, ..24/25) of American Free Press.
Their website is


These are the type of guys just like the detweiller who forged those phoney Bush Air National Guard memo's.

Dark smoke being spotted in the distance simply MUST mean UN hit-teams are cremating people in the night.

I get some weird stuff but this has to be some kind of winner.


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