Thursday, June 22, 2006

Justice Department Sting Nabs 7 Brain Scientists Masquerading as Terrorists

It's all over the net and the yellowstream media, and you can't swing a dead Al Zarqawi without one pundit or another providing a take on the 7 detweillers, 5 "citizens", 1 illegal Haitian along with 1 resident alien who were arrested for plotting to take down the Sears Tower as well as other government buildings in Miami.

It's a good thing our enemy is as dumb as a box of claw hammers, and against a modern military or branch of law enforcement they don't stand much of a chance.

The Sears Tower? And that sends precisely WHAT message to the rest of the world? That J.C. Penney finally got it's revenge?

Anyone willing to place a bet as to the nationality of these maroons? Aside from the Haitian who was probably recruited because he was proficient in kick ass voodoo? Cash money says they're moslems or hispanics, and if I'm wrong I'll be happy to say so.

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