Friday, June 23, 2006

Fly On The Oval Office Wall...

Say there, Karl, ya busy, Bubba?

No, George, not at the moment. The staff and I were putting together the finishing touches on how to not only keep a Republican majority in the House and Senate through the 2008 elections, but to increase...

Good, boy, real good. The Missus has been on my ass 'bout that and I been meanin' to bring it up with ya cause she figures it's somethin' real important an now I kin do more than just wink my gotcha-fucker grin at her, but 2008's 3 or 4 years down the road, Hoss, and we got us some real problems right now. They tell me that we been havin' us some suck-cess tracin' down Osama's pardners in crime, but some of the boys over at Justice are sayin' that them NY Times reporter fella's have been snoopin' around like ticks on a honey coated coonhound lookin' ta see how we been doin' it, so what ya think? We send some a' Ollie North's old boys on over ta pay them a nocturnal commision, or what?

Hmm. Give me a moment, George. Okay, here's what you do. Send them on a wild goose chase. Have Justice phoney up some bogus information...just be sure that it's in incomplete memorandum form, and lots and lots of them, something they'd have to piece together to draw any coherant picture. Then have someone from the Times steal the information. We make the liberals happy that the Times is doing a job they can applaude, and that in and of itself lends credibility to the sting, and makes believers out of bin Laden's henchmen.

Wild goose...damn boy but you pull this shit straight outta yer ass sometimes, dontcha? Sweet christ on a crutch but that beats all. Give them phony stuff ta steal and keep the enemy in the dark about what we're really been up ta. Win-win and everybody's happy.

Happy, PLUS we continue to use the real methods that have been so successful to track them down and they'll believe that they're safe because we're supposedly looking at a totally different area.

Som'bitch but you beat all, Karl...hey Martha, get what's her name to call me somebody from Justice...

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