Sunday, June 25, 2006

Woody Takes A Stand

Got to hand it to someone who clears the decks and sticks to his guns.

Where Is The Outrage?

UPDATE: I took everything else off my site for awhile because nothing else I blog about seems important enough to bump this down the page. This will stay here until there is some much needed outrage or until I give up hope that America will wake up and realize the seriousness of the struggle we are engaged in.

Two US Soldiers were captured in Iraq. They were tortured and killed in the most inhumane abuse of human beings that I can recall in recent history. According to reports these men were beaten, their arms contorted, their testicles cut off, their penises cut off and stuffed in their mouths, their eyes gouged out, their hearts cut out and were beheaded. If reading that shocks or disgusts you let me take this opportunity to say that I'm glad to offend.

Well, it's a lot to ask, Woodman. For what it's worth, I'm with ya bro.

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