Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Okay, enough. All of you folks who've been visiting from the HaitiXchange, stop for a moment longer and leave a comment, or being too shy, then send me an email. Lots of people are too frightened to comment here and that's okay because the guys who do would scare anyone away so it's cool.

Seriously, it'd be nice to hear from some Haitians, and unlike other bloggers who diss a country they've never even BEEN to, I can say pretty much about most anywheres and you can tell me what pissed you off so much about the comment I offered on the NYC Haitian fellow with the knife fetish.

Haiti IS a beautiful half-island. The Dominicans hate ya'll with a purple passion, due in large part I suppose to they being Catholics and you guys being Zombie-Makers, but supersititions aside it's a terrific place to visit as long as you understand that the white slave trade flourishes there so don't doze off on a park bench. Especially if you look like Lisa, and how do you suppose we hooked up? I put in an order for a taller-than Ann Coulter blonde but 20 years younger, and as the Fwench say, viola. Yep, and cost me a pretty penny too, but that's not important now.

We'd all be more the poorer were it not for all of those B movies from the 50's on up featuring Haiti as one version of voodoo-island or another, and what film and/or book lover doesn't remember James Bond's adventures there as well? To make you feel more at home I was going to break into a rendition of Underneath The Mango Tree Me Honey but realized that Dr. No set up his destroy-the-world workshop somewhere else, but it should be the thought that counts, no?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and this is embarassing to mention but I lost the number of the procurement fella, and since it HAS been a while, well, it'd be one heck of a solid for one of you to send me the digits.

All the best, and stay in touch you knuckleheads!

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